Our team members are our greatest asset.

In total, we have industry professionals working for our international clients with unmatched level of passion, expertise and market knowledge.

ceo 이미지

Hong, Chanho / President and CEO

One of the most essential principles in operating a company is “We do the right thing we believe right” And he always asks his teams that “we should not be afraid of failure because we do not know until we do. And we can also learn from failure. What we should be afraid of is doing nothing because of the fear of failure.” He firmly believes that employees are the most valuable assets and so building of the best workplace where they are motivated, improved and happy is one of the critical missions. As a special representation organization for foreign companies in tourism, he also believes that it is imperative to “Act like a Principal” Under this spirit, our slogan is “We are more than your office in Korea” So we are accountable for our actions and inactions and reward our people for taking risks and finding better ways to solve problems. As a market expert, Chanho’s role is to lead the team to meet or exceed their targets through his various experiences, in-depth knowledge, and networks.

Key Industry Positions

  • A current member of Korea Chile Society
  • A current member of SKAL Korea
  • A current member of Korea Travel and Tourism
  • A current advisor of Korea Association of Travel Agents
  • A current member of Visit USA Committee
  • A current member of CEO clubs of travel industry ( Airline and package agencies)
  • A current advisor of MISAMO ( Association of U.S. land operators)
  • Significant experience for representing Destinations, Airlines, Rent a Car, Attractions and Hotels.
  • Named one of the most influential figures in travel trade in a research made by Korea Travel Times.