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Kim, Boram / Digital Marketing & Creative Design
General Manager

Kim, Boram is in charge of maintaining the website, creating e-newsletters both for trade and general consumers, developing online distribution channels, and coordinating online promotion with co-op partners. Her major work scopes are: webpage development and management; Online and offline advertising design; Outdoor advertising; and implementing marketing/PR strategy. With 6 years experience in working at Lotte Multi Media as a chief of web design development, web design and planning skills were established. And with 8 years experience in working at TAMS, wide understanding about Airline business and travel industry is established. She has proper localization with thorough understanding about the importance of brand identity and strategy of principal is realized. # of years in Classification : 19 years

Work Experience

  • 2011 – Up to Present Online Marketing and Creative Design Manager at Meebang & TAMS Inc.
  • 2004 – 2010 Various Positions in Lotte Multi Media
    Chief of Web Design development
    Chief of online community management team
    Chief of Online PR team